About Us

CoachSelling.com comprises a number of different products that can be used separately or in conjunction with the Effective Selling System (ESS) developed by Efficient Marketing, Inc. To learn more about ESS and how it can improve your sales and marketing efforts, please visit http://efficientmarketing.com.

These products have been developed through a joint effort between Efficient Marketing and Media Net Link.

Efficient Marketing was founded in 1992. Its principal, Tim Freeman, has over 30 years of experience helping sales professionals, managers, and executives develop systems that enhance sales productivity.

Media Net Link, founded in 1994, has developed web sites, data bases, and web-based tools for hundreds of companies, ranging from one-man shops, medium sized companies, to industrial giants like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Tyco, Intuit and many more..

Media Net Link Products


AthenaRMS is a sophisticated but easy to use web-based Request Management System where multiple users share information and status on numerous issues, with a process you define, at a cost you can afford.

Contact Beacon

Contact Beacon is an easy tool for staying in contact with your customers, clients and prospects via email. You can email announcements, newsletters, product information, or any other message your customers may want or expect from you.
Using the latest in Web technology and our streamlined service for producing high quality professional looking templates, Contact Beacon provides a single sign on solution for all your email marketing needs.


CoachSelling is the portal for several sales tools built by Media Net Link to help monitor and measure proper sales activity. Built by professionals who have spent decades in financial sales and marketing, these tools are designed for managing the activity of a successful sales process and eliminating all the bloat so many selling systems carry