CoachSelling Walkthrough Videos

CoachSelling is the result of a decade’s long effort to produce a system that measures effectively proper selling behavior. A successful sales manager is one that gets out from behind his desk and begins to coach his sales force, giving them insights to their company’s unique selling process.

Created to be flexible, comprehensive, and powerful, CoachSelling has a tool that is right for you, your sales force, and your company.

Review the Walk Through videos below and learn how the CoachSelling system works. Think about how one or more of these tools can be configured to help your sales force sell at the level your company needs them to perform at.

ClienTrack FasTrack CoachTrack


ClienTrack Walkthrough Video
ClienTrack is a tool to track the activity of a typical transactional sales process with a client or prospect.

Getting to the successful close happens more often when a process is developed and followed. ClienTrack allows you to design the proper selling stages unique to your company and give managers the ability to track every Opportunity throughout the selling process.


FasTrack Walkthrough Video
Often a selling process is not so neatly defined. FasTrack gives companies the ability to manage a selling cycle that is not defined by time and sequence but measured more by the activities associated with good client relationship. Managers can monitor the activities of their sales force ensuring the proper contacts are maintained.


Many companies promote their best sales people to managers but offer little in the way of training. CoachTrack is a tool to help the managers become better Coaches. With this tool, senior managers can ensure that the proper selling process is being reinforced by the sales managers. Managing the activities of the sales manager is as important as managing the sales force.

CoachTrack walkthrough video coming soon!